Your body needs you

//Your body needs you

In order for you to reach your particular goal, BULLET® realises that you need the correct strategy and training program to achieve success. Therefore, we have set up the resources zone to provide cutting edge nutritional advice. Here we will provide the latest training knowledge and dietary advice, as we have decided to create a ballistics data base.

We at BULLET® HQ London and the commander have sent out clear directives and want to know who you are. So don’t be shy, we want to hear from you so we can improve. We will supply you with the knowledge and resources that help you achieve and reach your peak physical condition and health in a wide variety of ways. We have a virtual notice board here that will discuss a body part of the week. It will also mention how to train it most effectively. Other things that will be discussed here include weight loss and strength training, as well as personalised routines that are tailored to your particular body type. So let us know how we can improve this virtual resources notice board. What would you like to see up here? Don’t forget to tell us via your feedback!

We have been consistently asked; can the two BULLET® products be stacked together to provide even more firepower to your exercise regime and increase its fat burning muscle building potential? Well, it certainly can so please read on but DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNINGS. This BULLET® cycle may have devastating effects on stored body fat and facilitate rapid lean body growth when taken together.

What’s more, BULLET® helps alter genetic expression by changing and altering the Epigenetic matrix. Functionally, this means your environment, your exposure to toxins & radiation, and primarily how YOU treat YOU, determines your Fate!

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