Combining Bullets

//Combining Bullets

At BULLET® HQ, we realize that everyone has different training objectives and that everyone is an individual training for many different purposes and goals. For this reason, we have developed these combinations of taking our bullet ammunition to create the optimum environment for your body to develop into its healthy ultimate potential.

Combine two BULLETS® (atomic pre-load and thermo-loaded) for some serious anabolic support for the ultimate lean mass stack and metabolic stimulator. This powerful fusion and cycle is a tried and tested pre-contest combination that guarantees results fast. With the addition of both these products, these potent orally active rapid dispersal formulas will synergistically enhance one another’s properties providing your body and physiology with an added dimension of increased calorie burning. Consider the anabolic potential and lean muscle gains that could be made and consider the level of your training intensity and your genetic potential reached with this powerful stack. The nature of this oral stack primes the user’s metabolic rate into fat burning overdrive and the synergism of all the compounds will literally melt the fat away in days.

This stack combined can be used for bulking or cutting and fat burning with the correct training and diet program implemented. It requires every fourth day to increase carbohydrate consumption by 50%; it is also advisable to have a cheat meal on this day of your choice. This will have a protein sparing effect, increasing protein synthesis and improving nitrogen retention, and mentally providing you with a break, due to disciplined dieting for several days when trying to gain lean muscle. Furthermore, due to the highly anabolic potential and nature of the compounds taken in this stack, the extra calories consumed on that day will encourage synthesis of new muscle tissue.

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