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Restoring Balance – One BULLET® at a Time

Here’s the deal…

BULLET® believes that the world is struggling to battle an obesity epidemic. It is our mission to take action and help conquer this evil sickness by providing innovative and scientifically researched energy supplements.

BULLET exists as an innovative performance and energy brand that has seen massive growth since its launch in 2015. Selling nutritional weight management supplement products to the UK, USA and Europe, BULLET supplies products to a range of customers who wish to increase their performance including professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, body builders and gamers.

What are Bullet’s Troops doing?

Have you ever asked any of the following questions…


“How can I lose weight more effectively?”

 “What can I take to increase my gaming performance?”

“Where can I find Halal or Kosher-friendly supplements?”

“Where can I buy safe, trusted and tested fat burners?”

“Where can I get the energy to go further in the gym?”


…Then you are in the RIGHT place and we are here to help you!

We Understand

At Bullet HQ, we understand that many companies are out for their own interests and don’t care genuinely about the health and well-being of its own customers.

We do things very differently. The Troops are at BULLET are here to educate and inspire others to achieving a healthy mind and body.  All of our unique products are designed and presented in our trademark Bullet cartridges with ingredients in an effective dose and combination that can give you the best results possible.

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Here’s what each feature of Bullet is all about:

BULLET Troops:

Our Team headed by Commander Harrison Bsc Hons O.s.t (Osteopathic medicine) who is the creator and founder of Bullet. Second in command is the Chief Product Formulator, Brian Bsc, who is Bullet’s lead scientist and biochemist. Another important troop is the brilliant scientific mind Harry, our superb material scientist who knows about cutting edge ingredients and sourcing. James is our in house DNA expert in Nutrigenetics and he is also an experienced personal trainer who is on hand to answer any questions to do with health, nutrition, training and fitness. The Commander Grant, the expert biochemist Brian, the material scientist Harry and DNA expert James make up a team of brilliant minds who are here to provide access to an array of knowledge and information to you. Their combined skills set and vast experience in their respective fields along with your commitment to improving your body will give optimum results.


THE BULLET Objective:

BULLET’s objective is to produce cutting-edge supplements that will blow your fat away and boost your performance. We will also provide work-out guides and information that will help educate you on scientific breakthroughs which relate to health and nutrition. The “Ask the Bullet Troops” section is where you can ask the troops questions which will be answered publically to our community. All questions sent in by subscribers will be sent a FREE gift.


BULLET (Serious Ammunition):

Our Troops at BULLET HQ have ensured that all of our products are effective and optimised fat burners which also act as anabolic muscle growth stimulants. Presented in the form of powerful bullets, each product is a synergistic fusion of natural ingredients that have proven health benefits. All bullets are completely safe and effective for weight trainers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and those who wish to lose weight and improve general health and well-being.


We will be announcing more information about our strategy and resources for you to utilise very soon. Watch this space for the latest breakthroughs in the health and sports industry by entering your email below.

BULLET® has recruited the most brilliant scientific minds to help us develop Serious Ammunition for your body. Stay in touch with our HQ to keep up to date with our latest product offers.

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